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MND Engineering Solutions is an initiative taken by SRBH Group of Industries to promote the clean energy generation on focusing Solar Power at its nerve. Our approach is to achieve the highest engineering standards. A cleaner and affordable alternative to conventional energy is our main target.

This initiative has been taken by SRBH Group of Industries in year 2015 when across the globe everyone is discussing and showing their deep concern for decreasing pollution and find the solutions to minimize pollution. Non-conventional Energy generation is coming as a best solution to fight pollution and its challenges, which is also capable to reduce the dependency over conventional sources like thermal and hydro power.

In this prospect Solar Energy comes as a first choice in regime of non-conventional sources of energy due to richness of solar radiation across the globe around the year. The solar energy potential is immense due to its convenient location near the Equator specially in India. India receives nearly 3000 hours of sunshine every year, which is equivalent to 5000 trillion kWh of energy. India can generate over 1,900 billion units of solar power annually.

Our product portfolio comprises solar systems for individual user, private and commercial users, public sectors as well as agriculture sector.

SRBH Group of Industries is initiate through MND Engineering Solutions and committed to offer best of our knowledge and experience. Our team is enriched with experience of handling government, international and domestic projects in the field of telecommunication, satellite communication, railways and oil sectors.

Services & Supports

Product and Supports

MND Engineering Solution is offering turnkey solutions for both Off Grid and Grid Connected Solar Power Generation and Solar Irrigation Projects. Along with this a wide range of solar lighting solutions are offered to fulfill the need of individual users and corporate sector.

Home Lighting Solutions

SR NO Item Specification
1. Solar Lantern 5WSPV, 3W LED, 6v 4.5Ah Battery, Mobile charger
2. Solar Rural Home Lighting System – LED Based 10W SPV, 3W LED 2Nos, 12V/7.2Ah Battery, Mounting Structure, Mobile charging, Radio
3. Li-ion based LED Home Lighting System 5W SPV, 0.5W Luminary x 3Nos, Mobile charging, Battery-2.6Amp./6volt
4. LED Home Lighting System 40Wp SPV, 5W LED Luminary-ABS Body x 2Nos, 12V/40Ah Battery, 12V 10Amp. CCU, Mounting Str., Mobile charging, Wire, Battery box

Solar Street Light

1. 11 Watt CFL Luminary (ABS Body)
2. 6 Watt LED Luminary (Aluminium Body)
3. 9 Watt LED Luminary (Aluminium Body)
4. 12 Watt LED Luminary (Aluminium Body)
5. 18 Watt LED Luminary (Aluminium Body)
6. 24 Watt LED Luminary (Aluminium Body)
7. 36 Watt LED Luminary (Aluminium Body)
8. 48 Watt LED Luminary (Aluminium Body)
9. 60 Watt LED Luminary (Aluminium Body)

Solar LED Bulbs

1. 3 W LED Bulb(Aluminium Body)
2. 5 W LED Bulb(Aluminium Body)
3. 3 W LED Bulb (ABS Body)
4. 5 W LED Bulb ( ABS Body)

Solar Charge Controller

1. 6A 12V Solar Charge controller (with mobile charger )
2. 10A 12V Solar Charge Controller (with mobile charger )
3. 20A 12V/24V Solar Charge Controller (with mobile charger)

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